Sunflower Design Personalized Phone Grip/Stand/Ring/Holder

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Check out our pop out rotating ring stand! Once attached, this simple little gadget will change your life!

Easily attach this adorable metal ring phone grip to the back of your phone or case. Once attached, it is there permanently because of its securing adhesive. No need to worry about it coming off!

The pop out rotating ring can be used as a phone stand for watching videos, reading recipes, and so much more. Use it as a handle to keep a firm grip on the phone while using it. This little ring grip even makes taking selfies and pictures easier. With the ring grip you don't have to worry about dropping your phone! It's that secure!

Personalize your phone ring to really show off your style. Our fun designs really let your personality shine! Browse through our system to find the perfect design for you.

Pops out and rotates
Use to grip your phone more securely
Use as a kickstand for your phone
Cell Phone Ring Stand & Holder (Approx. 3" x 1.5") SILVER IN COLOR

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